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ShoffnerWelcome to the Battle of Trafalgar 200, dedicated to all the celebrations leading up to the 200th anniversary of Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson’s victory against the combined fleets of France and Spain at the Battle of Trafalgar. The home of the Royal Navy and Nelson’s Flagship HMS Victory, the Historic Dockyard at Portsmouth, England, will be hosting this tremendous event during the International Festival of the Sea 2005, with over 1,000 naval warships & majestic tall-ships in attendance from all corners of the globe.

An exclusive interview with the new official artist-in-residence at Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard, Christopher Dee.  We ask what he thinks about being the first official dockyard artist since the great William Wyllie.  Also, we can expect to see a gallery of his works and a facility to purchase your very own photo-prints, and all the details you need to commission your very own original work of maritime art.